Humboldt Harbor Historical District: SHL 882


Harold Larson Vista Point, Humboldt Hill Road, east of U.S. 101 in Eureka.


From Discover Historical California:

Discovery of Humboldt Bay was made in 1806 by men under the command of Captain Jonathan Winship. This outstanding natural harbor became a major Northern California shipping port in the late 1800's.

From the official site plaque:

Humboldt Harbor Historical District. Captain Jonathan Winship made the first recorded entry into Humboldt Bay by sea in June 1806. Encountered in 1849 by Josiah Gregg's party, new word of its existence reached San Francisco. By 1850 the Laura Virginia association had founded Humboldt City, Union (Arcata), Bucksport, and Eureka. A subsecquent years the bay became a major north coast lumber port and shipbuilding center.

California registered historical landmark No. 882. Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with The Humboldt County Historical Society. April 10, 1976.




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