Old Folsom Powerhouse (Folsom station): SHL 633


Folsom Lake State Park off Greenback Lane, Folsom. (916) 985-2895 or (916) 985-4843.


From Discover Historical California:

In exchange for land and a new state prison, inmate labor from Folsom Prison was used to build this powerhouse in 1895. Electricity from this powerhouse was transmitted 22 miles to Sacramento, the longest distance that electric power had ever been transmitted. It continued to operate until 1952 and has since been donated tothe state for preservation.

From the official site plaque:

In the 1950's Horatio Gates Livermore and later his sons, Horatio P. and Charles E. pioneered the development of ditches and dams on the American River for industry and agriculture. One historic result was Folsom Power House, which began operations in July 1895. Power was delivered to Sacramento at 11,000 volts, which was a new achievement in long distance high voltage transmission. The capital celebrated by a grand electric carnival September 9, 1895.

The plant was donated by Pacific, Gas and Electric Co. to the State of California to preserve its historical values.

Calfornia registered historical landmark no. 633

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in cooperation with the Sacramento section, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. August 22, 1958.




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