Fort Bragg: SHL 615


321 Main Street, Fort Bragg. The site is 1 block east of the plaque.


From Discover Historical California:

In 1857 the military post known as Fort Bragg was established on the Mendocino Indian Reservation. The town of Fort Bragg grew up around the fort to become a major city in the county. The last remaining building of the original fort is maintained by the city of Fort Bragg at 430 North Franklin Street. Pictures and narrative reports inside the building tell teh fort's history from 1857 through 1864.

From the official site plaque:

Fort Bragg. Established in this vicinity June 11 1857, by 1st Lieut. Horatio Gates Gibson, 3rd Artillery, later Brig. Gen. U.S. Army. Named by Gibson in honor of his former company commander Braxton Bragg, later Gen. C.S.A. Abandoned in October, 1864.

Registered historical landmark No. 615. Plaque placed by California State Park Commission in cooperation with the citizens of Fort Bragg and the Union Lumber Company, September 2, 1957.





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