Camp Curtis: SHL 215


Take Sunset Ave offramp from Hwy 101, go 0.9 mi north on L. K. Wood Boulevard. About 1.5 miles North of downtown Arcata. The plaque is in a wierd area. If it doesn't feel right to you, you're probably almost there.   :-)



After Fort Humboldt was established in 1853, many other posts were built in the outlying regions to protect settlers from Native American raids. One such outpost, "Camp On Janes Farm", was built in 1858 and was used by local volunteer companies of the California Militia.

In 1863, Captain George Ousley and 34 soldiers of Company B of the Battalion first garrisoned Camp Curtis near Daby's Ferry and then moved to Fawn Prairie on the Hoopa Trail. Camp On Janes Farm was renamed "Camp Curtis" and served as headquarters for the 1st Battalion of Mountaineers of California Volunteers (Mountain Battalion State Militia?) from 1862 (1863?) until 1865.

In 1865, Camp Curtis established the last of the Indian reservations and brought an end to fifteen years of warfare between Native Americans and pioneer settlers which caused much bloodshed on both sides.

A bronze tablet commemorating the camp's site was unveiled on October 5, 1930.

From the official site plaque:

Camp Curtis 1862-1865. In memory of:

Erected by the Pioneer Society of Humboldt County





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