Trinidad Head: SHL 146


1.5 miles west of highway 101 in Trinidad. Hike up the hill that says Trinidad Head Trail. The trails start on the beach that's down the road from the other landmarks (216 and 838). The hike is challenging if you're not fit; we have no idea how far but we had to stop about five times (it gets pretty steep). You can hear sea lions off the coast on the way up. This leads to the site (the cross), but not the plaque.


From Discover Historical California:

A 1775 Spanish expedition, under the command of Bruno De Heceta, erected a wooden cross at this site and took possession of this land in the name of Carlos III of Spain. The granite cross that now marks this site was erected in 1913.

From the unofficial site plaque:

Carolus III Dei G. Hyspaniarum Rex
June 9, 1775
Replaced by Club women of Humboldt County September 9, 1913.





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