Drytown: SHL 31


3 miles north of Amador City, on highway 49. Phone: (209) 223-0350.
The SHL plaque is State Hwy 49, 0.2 mi north of Drytown.
There was another SHL plaque 1/4 mile south of town. The marker is still there, but the plaque is missing.



Named for Dry Creek which runs through the city, Drytown was founded in 1848. It was both the first town, and the first town in which gold was discovered, in Amador county. Dry Creek was the first river panned for gold in the county. The Old School House is also believed to be one of the county's first schoolhouse. This town was anything but "dry", containing 26 saloons at one point in its history.

In 1857 (about the time local gold deposits played out) fire swept through the town and destroyed most of its dwellings. Several brick and adobe buildings from the 1850's remain in this old mining town.

From the official site plaque:

Drytown. Founded 1848. Oldest town and first in which gold was discovered in Amador county. Its venerable town hall and other picturesque structures remain. Was not dry as name implies, containing 26 saloons at one time.

Historical landmark No. 31.

Department of Public Works of Division Of Highways.




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